The sooner you start saving, the more prepared you can be. All State of Florida employees are eligible to join the State of Florida Deferred Compensation Plan! Call T. Rowe Price at 1-800-893-0269 to request your enrollment kit today, or follow the instructions below to enroll now. Representatives can be reached on business days between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. eastern time.

Plan highlights
  • Tax-deferred savings — Any growth of your account is tax-deferred until you take it out.
  • Convenient payroll deductions — This is the easiest way to save for retirement.
  • A range of investment options — You decide where to invest your money.
  • 24-hour account access — You can view your balances, make changes, and learn more anytime.

Have questions?
For more information, look at the frequently asked questions.

All completed forms should be mailed to:
T. Rowe Price Retirement Plan Services
Attention: State of Florida Plan Service Team
P.O. Box 17215
Baltimore, MD 21203-7215

Next steps
Once completed forms are received, you will be enrolled in the plan as soon as administratively possible (usually within one to two pay periods). You will receive a personal identification number (PIN) in the mail. This PIN gives you access to the T. Rowe Price 24-hour Plan Account Line and the website. The website offers more information on the State of Florida Deferred Compensation Plan as well as plenty of tools and information to help you make smart decisions for your retirement.

Who is T. Rowe Price?
For more information about T. Rowe Price, visit its corporate homepage.