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Reference Point is an annual benchmarking report that provides trend analysis and expert commentary you can use to take advantage of emerging best practices and improve plan effectiveness. You can use the report on your own, or in partnership with your T. Rowe Price representative or advisor.

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The majority of plans do not enroll participants in the auto-increase service—only 39% in 2016.
View auto-solutions trends including auto-enrollment, default deferral rates and auto-increase.
The number of plans allowing Roth contributions increased by 10 percentage points in 2016.
View contributions trends including participant deferrals, average account balances and Roth.
Plans offered an average of 16.1 investment options, up from 13.4 in 2007.
View investment trends that include target date investment adoption, investment line-up offerings and asset allocation.
Loan and Disbursement Behavior
Fewer than 24% of participants had loan balances, the lowest percentage since 2009.
View distribution trends including loans, direct rollovers and hardship withdrawals.